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  • R P.

    When I started my search as a first time homebuyer I considered three different agents. Mark was the only one I found on Yelp, the other two were referred by friends. By the end of the meeting I knew Mark was my guy. As the other reviewers have pointed out, Mark is smart, strategic, plainspoken, patient, a great listener, funny, reachable, polite, professional--basically everything you could hope for in an agent. This is important, because given today's market it could take you... A year and a half and several attempts before you find a place. That's how long it took me. (I was looking in Silver Lake. If you are, prepare yourself.) Before I found my home, Mark helped me make solid offers on four different places. Take it from me, losing a home correctly in a bidding war, is as important as obtaining a home. You don't want to bid too much--that's a given, but you also don't want to feel like you lost your dream home when you would have bid more. Four times other buyers blew my offers out of the water. Each time stung, but I was able to move on knowing that Mark and I had come up with great offers and that I was only beaten by buyers with way more enthusiasm or money. Somewhere along the line, it began to dawn on me that I have a knack for picking homes people go bat s**t insane over. If I wanted a home, I'd either have to join the insanity or change my strategy. Mark helped me shift from looking at turnkey properties that would have earned him a nicer commission to fixers with little charm, but lots of promise. Again, Mark was extremely patient. We looked at many fixers and he was invaluable in detailing what it would take to renovate each home. I've never owned a home, let alone remodeled a place, so I wanted to make sure I didn't bite off more than I could chew. In the end, Mark helped me find a fixer with great bones where the remodel wouldn't be too extensive. We still had to fight for the home--flippers saw what we saw and swarmed. Making the offer was intimidating and Mark was right there the whole time helping me craft offers and counter offers. Because of Mark's diligence, I was able to save a considerable amount of money. I don't believe in fate, but if I did I'd feel like it was fate to have met Mark, and fate to have waited until the fifth round to land a home. The house is in a better location than any of the other properties I bid on, it's roomier than ones that were much more expensive, it's got great light, a great back yard, a logical layout (many don't in Silver Lake), I can walk to places, it's a stone's throw from the reservoir, etc. I can't believe how lucky I got finding my new home and it's all because of Mark.
  • Constance K.

    Mark Mintz is a brilliant real estate agent! I was lucky enough to actually find him on Yelp! I was looking to buy an apartment and he had great Yelp reviews so I called him! The other reviewers were right- Mark is so great. He helped me to get a great apartment, in my price range- which was not easy to do! He gave me a great sense of what the market is and what I could expect to find and where. He was patient and kind. And he's also a really fun guy! I really enjoyed getting to look at properties with him. When it came to buying the property, he really looked after my interests. He made sure that I was paid rent from the owners from the time the sale closed until they moved out. This saved me a few thousand dollars, which I really appreciated! He went through all the paper work with me and made sure I understood everything. He also helped me to find a great insurance agent afterwards who helped me select a great deal on home insurance and saved me a lot of money on my car insurance. I also asked for his help to find a contractor to do a renovation and he put me in touch with an excellent one. Working with Mark was really fun, stress free and smooth. He is a lovely person, who works hard and helps you to get great results. The next time I do any business in real estate, whether buying or selling, I will absolutely work with Mark again.
  • David E.

    It's no longer a matter of whether your real estate agent can FIND you your dream house (MLS listings are easy enough to set up), it's whether your real estate agent can GET you your dream house. At the recommendation of the agent who sold our home in Northern California, we contacted Mark. Even though it would mean a long commute, Mark was happy to help and up to the challenge. We quickly learned he was unlike the agents we met in Orange County, who were more concerned with a quick commission, or telling us about how many houses they'd bought/sold, than in helping us find our dream home. Mark never pushed us over what we could afford, working with our budget to make an offer on our dream house that we were comfortable with. And when we didn't get it, he was persistent in following through with the listing agent. In the end, his persistence (and ours) paid off: After more than two months of negotiations, we finally got our dream house, and at the price we first came in with! Mark congratulated us with a bottle of '04 Dom Perignon to celebrate that first night in our new home. Our advice? Get Mark. He listens. He's honest. He isn't pushy (and is willing to go in with low offers that might make you blush). And he will absolutely "fight" for your dream house. Just make sure to ask for the '03 Dom...it was a better year.
  • Howard V.

    We found Mark through a friend's referral after a frustrating THREE YEARS of looking for a house in LA. For some reason, five minutes after meeting him, I had a sense that our search would soon be over. One of the lessons we learned in our search is about the importance of great communication with your agent. It sounds obvious, but we've had some bad experiences in the past. Mark knew what our dumb questions were going to be seemingly before we'd even asked them, and he always promptly returned our calls. Going to see houses was more like hanging out with a friend for an afternoon. Mark really knew the market and the neighborhoods well, and had great advice during the offer/counter offer phase. It took us just two offers this time, after I-don't-know-how-many before! Another thing: he was unfailingly, brutally honest. He never tried to egg us onto a place out of our reach and always had honest opinions about a house's pros and many, many cons. Realistic but optimistic, that's what you want. And when it came time to close the deal and do some repairs, he had some great referrals when we couldn't quite find the right people. We found a really trustworthy and hard-working contractor through him. We're really glad Mark had our back through all of this, and I'm sure we'll have him again as our agent in the future!
  • Patricia T.

    Mark was absolutely fabulous during our whole home buying process, especially because we were first-time buyers and trying to buy in LA while living on the East Coast. He was patient with us as we refined our exhaustive search lists and a pro at scheduling tours when we came out for a 3-day housing visit. Mark quickly tuned into our preferences, which was so helpful in streamlining the process. He was never pushy and gave us honest feedback whenever we had questions. He was also able to draw on his extensive knowledge about LA neighborhoods to help us pinpoint desirable locations. Once we found a house we liked, he was instrumental in crafting an initial offer and guiding us through negotiations. Moreover, as evidence of his commitment to clients and attention to detail, he not only got us bids but also oversaw plumbing/contractor work for us -- even after closing. It was wonderful to walk into a ready-to-move in house after a cross-country drive! Most importantly, Mark is easy going yet passionate about his work -- important characteristics for minimizing the stress of a very competitive housing market. With his help, we were able to get a house that we love after a few days of intense, in-person searching and 1.5 months of long-distance closing. He would definitely be our first (and only) call if we need to find a new home in the future!!!
  • Cullin B.

    My wife and I moved to LA from Chicago last year. We rented for 6 months in Los Feliz before deciding we were ready to commit long term to the West Coast and buy a house. We were first time home buyers from the Midwest, we had no clue in which neighborhood we wanted to purchase, and as renters we had no urgency to buy -- in a nutshell, we were an agent's worst nightmare. The very first house Mark took us to in Los Feliz was an amazing house that was priced to sell, but we were too skittish to buy the very first one despite Mark's assurance that it "was a really good deal." We decided to pass, and over the course of the next five months Mark spent time with us touring neighborhoods and houses in Pasadena, South Pas, Mount Washington, Atwater Village, Silverlake, Los Feliz, West Hollywood, and Burbank trying to find a house as good as the first. We nicknamed ourselves "commission impossible," but Mark never waivered. Mark helped us find our perfect home in the equestrian neighborhood of Burbank. He flawlessly coached us through the offer, inspection, and closing process. We didn't know Mark before we started looking for our house, but now we consider him a friend. He's an excellent agent, and an even better guy.
  • Jack B.

    Buying a house is extremely stressful, buying a house in LA on a budget is a nightmare! But Mark and his very capable team were able to guide my wife and me through the entire process with great ease. When the search looked dire, when my wife was in tears, when ALL the paperwork was so overwhelming and I was literally ready to say, "Honey pack up the kids we're moving to Montana and raising dental floss," Mark and his extremely professional and patient team kept us calm and on point. They entertained all of our questions, no matter how small or redundant and never made us feel stupid for asking things two or four times when we just didn't get it! Bottom line, I cannot imagine having entrusted anyone else with this task. Mark is a straight shooter and unequivocally one of the most honest business people I have ever known. If you don't believe me, just ask anyone who works with him. From the loan company, other realtors, the chimney inspector, the termite guy, everyone will confirm he's the best they've ever worked with. True professional, bar none. I really hope I don't have to go through buying a house again but if I do, it will be with Mark Mintz.
  • Adrienne S.

    In a word, amazing. Mark Mintz helped me and my family buy a home when we really thought it not possible. My husband and I came to Mark in a state of near crisis. Our landlord informed us of his intention to sell the home we had been renting, and he gave us three months to vacate. Finding a home that would meet the very specific needs of our family would be no easy feat: we have four kids who go to different schools in the far reaches of the greater Los Angeles area, and we had a limited number of neighborhoods we could consider. And we needed to find this unicorn of a home in a short amount of time. On a VERY tight budget. Mark never lost faith that we could make it happen. When we were stressed out, he maintained his calm, and he always brought much needed humor to the situation. Mark hooked us up with a user friendly website to find homes, he accompanied us to countless open houses, and he connected us with other critical professionals to help usher us through the process. A week ago, we moved in to our new home. We are thrilled, and will forever be thankful for Mark's help!
  • Sarah H.

    Mark was a great realtor! It took us about a year and a half before we finally found our house. Mark was always supportive and always able to show us houses at our convenience. He never pressured us or ALWAYS offered great advice about the conditions of the house and things to think about. I never felt like he was only there for us to purchase a house, he wanted to make sure we found a good house. There were several times, where he pointed out out issues with houses and advised us not to buy. Once we found the house we wanted he was great at getting us a reduced cost and also getting about 10K back on our closing costs. He was always on top of the paper work and communicating with us. There was some work that needed to be done on the house and I needed to bring contractors by before we actually closed escrow. He lived on the other side of town, but always came by when we needed him. He also had a great personality and was fun to talk and hang out with. It made looking at houses much more enjoyable! I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone looking for their perfect house!
  • Will C.

    I've worked with a few different realtors in the past, and I can honestly say that all those experiences pale in comparison with what Mark has provided for my wife and I. He's been patient through literally years of us picking through listings, amazingly flexible about scheduling showings, and once we finally found a house we loved he guided us through negotiating with the seller and got us an amazing deal on the place. Anyone who's been through the process before knows that this is not where it ends - Mark went out of his way to facilitate communication between mortgage broker, escrow, seller, etc... going above and beyond his duties as a buyers agent. We were floored by his deep knowledge of every aspect of the process and his ability to keep cool and collected through everything, even through a couple of bumps in the road. Throughout it all, Mark not only does his job, not only goes beyond his job, but he truly enjoys doing it...this I think might be the best thing of all, and it really shines through. Hands down he is the best realtor I've ever worked with, Los Angeles or otherwise!
  • Cynthia G.

    You can put your trust in Mark. Our house sold within a week and a half upon listing. He's smart, driven, fair and a hard worker. He also let us put his Vespa and surfboards in our open garage for staging. I mean that's pretty generous and cool. Creatively too I was impressed. He has good ideas, knows quite a bit about staging and hired such an awesome photographer for our house's website, we were floored. She was fantastic. And he is clear and level-headed, helping us avoid pricing with our heart and not our heads. One reason for certain it sold as fast as it had, I'm sure of it, wasn't just that it's a gorgeous house but it was priced right. Finally he handled the negotiation well and professionally, held our hand when we needed it during Escrow, and is still coming through for us today (some of our mail still shows up at the old place and he's been grabbing it from our buyer and bringing it to his office). This guy goes above and beyond. And he's normal. If you're normal, you'll know what a selling point that is.
  • Heidi L.

    Finding a house we love in this market was a challenge and Mark made the process easier every step of the way. Mark knows the neighborhoods, knows the market, knows how to negotiate and is a good person. That last part matters more than I'd realized starting out - this is a relationship that can take up large parts of your life as you search. With the wrong person, the ups and downs of the process could be tougher than necessary. He has always been a total pleasure. Mark's expertise and willingness to go the extra mile didn't end when our offer was accepted. He has relationships with great inspectors and set up appointments with everyone needed in a single day - we just showed up. After closing, he's continued to be an amazing and genuinely kind resource in a neighborhood that is new to us. Need a plumber or a gardener? He knows great people. We were very lucky to find Mark and lucky to close on a house we love thanks to his wise advice and skill. Call him - you'll be glad you did!
  • Rachel F.

    We were referred to Mark through a colleague of mine, who at different times both sold and bought a house with Mark (a good sign!). We cannot say enough good things about Mark. We were first timers and he walked us through everything, every step of the way, without ever losing patience or making us feel dumb! He's incredibly knowledgeable, super on the ball and on top of everything and he truly cared about helping us find the right home. He is incredibly responsive, reachable anytime by text/phone/email. He's also really honest and trustworthy, as well as a savvy negotiator - getting us some credits that we totally didn't expect we'd get! As an added bonus, he's super cool and fun to hang out with, which made the entire process more like working with a friend (a really professional friend who's a great realtor!). We are beyond thrilled to be moving into our dream home this weekend. We will definitely be working with Mark again in the future, whenever we buy or sell. I highly recommend you do too - you will be so happy!
  • Yiuwing L.

    I and my wife were referred to Mark by a previous client of his and let me just say, we were lucky to have Mark as our agent. He went above and beyond the call of duty to find us our perfect house at a good price. What's great about Mark is his personal touch-- our first meeting with him was over cocktails-- yup, cocktails. Mark is pretty hip. At that informal meet and greet, he listened intently to what we thought we wanted (Spanish style on a hill) and throughout the search, he patiently helped us find the house that we actually wanted (a Robert Byrd- style house with a view). Mark totally knows the real estate business inside and out and you always feel like he's on your side (and not just trying to close a deal). We never felt pressured or cajoled. As Mark told us plenty of times "You have to LOVE the house." You can't go wrong with Mark Mintz as your agent. Plus he's the voice of Spanish Buzz Lightyear. It's Hollywood, go figure.
  • Bret C.

    I came into looking for a home with a pretty clear idea of what I wanted and what I had available to spend to get it. Unfortunately for me finding something in the price range I had in the neighborhood I wanted to move to was borderline unrealistic. After a period of fruitless searching on my own and with an unenthusiastic agent or two I met Mark and my luck changed. First off, Marks a great guy. Hes easy to talk to and makes looking for a place painless. Our searches were always upbeat, and there was a fair amount them in the time we were looking. Mark has a great knowledge of the area and seems to be well known and liked among his peers. The deal was a shortsale in which the seller had two lenders and Mark was able to navigate the sale so that I am happily sitting in the residence today. I can't say enough good things about Mark, give him a shot and you will not be disappointed.
  • J B.

    After being unhappy with my previous 2 real estate agents, I was determined to find one who was aggressive and savvy. As soon as I saw Mark's picture, I knew I had found my agent, and he did not disappoint. Due to some physical limitations, I was one of those extremely picky buyers with a lot of restrictions in what would work for me but Mark stuck it out for 5 years, always remaining upbeat and supportive. Over the years I put in bids for a number of houses and Mark often came up with some brilliant ideas for making the offer more attractive. I also found him to be extremely honest, quick to say when he did not find a property to be worth the investment or price offered. He was a pleasure to work with, extremely funny, and attentive right up until the end. Buying a house is such a significant milestone in one's life and I felt grateful to have gone through the process with Mark.
  • Michael B.

    Can't say enough good things about Mark and our experience buying a home recently in Bronson Canyon. Mark took the time to get to know us, listen to what we were looking for, make some suggestions and really just stayed engaged with us as we were looking at homes. He went so far as to schlep both of our children (3, 8 months) with us in his car as we viewed properties, which takes great patience and flexibility. He'll call, email, text and really stayed in good touch, and made us feel like we were his only client at the time. He was dialed-in to the market and brought us to a property that wasn't yet listed, somehow knowing we'd fall in love with it, and he was right. He then expertly navigated our way through the deal. We feel like we found a friend in Mark, and will certainly continue to work with him and recommend him to anyone who's considering buying or selling.
  • Justin M.

    What more is there to say but that we would not have our dream house in our dream area if it weren't for Mark! After 5 months of taking our time and seeing what was out there, when we finally decided it was time to buy - low inventory and all cash buyers seemed to put the damper on our house search. We had two homes taken out from under us by all cash buyers but Mark get encouraging us to keep looking. Then he pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat and got us in on a property in Silverlake before it hit the market. Our offer was accepted and we had one of the most stress-free escrows ever. All of this was thanks to Mark. Mark know his business AND he has the relationships with other realtors that go a LONG way in todays market. I am telling all my friends who are looking to go to Mark. He rocks!
  • Scott G.

    Mark is an honest guy who really cares about his clients. Personally, I feel that should say enough to help you make your decision on picking a Realtor... but YELP tends to filter short reviews, so here we go. I've been working with Mark in a professional capacity for a couple years now. I'm always amazed how he shows the ability to put the needs of his client first and "closing the deal" second. Mark isn't afraid to tell his clients to walk away from a deal he doesn't think is good for them. He is well respected in the local real-estate community (which goes a long way in getting your offer accepted) and he understands this business. If you're going to be spending hours in the car with an agent while you look for the perfect house... it's helps if your agent has a sense of humor, which Mark does.
  • Sam S.

    We worked with Mark to buy our first home and could not be happier with the result. We were moving to LA from across the country and had a tight timeline to work with and Mark was incredibly accommodating, going to multiple open houses and sending us videos and photos when we were unavailable to fly out to LA to see the properties ourselves. When we did buy a house, Mark was even willing to meet with a contractor and handle all of the logistics for some work we wanted to get done before we moved in, which he definitely didn't have to do. More than his willingness to go the extra mile for my wife and I, my biggest endorsement of Mark is that he truly cares about his clients. If you're looking to buy a home in Los Feliz or Silver Lake, Mark is your guy.
  • Cheryl T.

    Buying your first home can be a stressful experience, but Mark was there to guide us the whole way. He took his time explaining the process to us and was very patient in answering our questions. Mark took the time to understand our preferences and needs and then provided honest feedback on the benefits and drawbacks of specific properties. Mark also consistently made himself available at times that suited our schedule for open houses, inspections and walkthru's. Once we settled on a property, we got to see Mark at his finest. He is a true negotiator and got us a fair price on a great property. Throughout the process, he maintained a positive and professional attitude and we could not be happier with the experience and our new home! We highly recommend Mark and would gladly use him again.
  • Russ W.

    We worked with Mark for more than 7 months... We were very discerning buyers and wanted a lot for our budget. We were a pain in the ass and we knew it... Mark personally showed us more than 50 properties and never questioned our budget or our wants and needs... We offered on 9 properties and walked away from 2... And i lost my job and my pre-approval during one escrow. Don't worry... i got another one. It was a process. He remained positive, upbeat and spending time with him was always a pleasure. With his help we found the house we were looking for... And with his advice we negotiated and got it for $40 k less than asking... I do not have enough good things to say about this agent.
  • Chris L.

    Mark came highly recommended from a dear friend, and he truly proved to be the paragon of what you might hope for in an agent: entirely forthright, savvy, and aggressive. I simultaneously closed a transaction in NYC while I was hunting, and the contrast between Mark and my New York agents was night and day. Mark went the extra mile in every way possible, obtaining extra information from sellers, pressing for discounts whenever possible, responding promptly, and generally guiding me through a closing process that I was unfamiliar with. I was astounded how much more effort he put in over my New York agents, and I know that without his extra effort I probably would not be in my dream home today. Thanks again Mark.
  • Molly B.

    As first time home buyers in a very competitive market, we had no idea what we were walking into and obviously had a million and one questions. From our first conversation with Mark to picking up the keys to our new home, our experience working with him was phenomenal. He is experienced, attentive, honest, kind and patient and was a great partner throughout the entire process. Buying our first home was an emotional roller coaster and he was available anytime (day or night) to answer our questions, manage our expectations, calm our panic and ultimately celebrate our excitement. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an all around good guy and a great agent.
  • A L.

    My experience working with Mark Mintz to sell my home in Silver Lake was absolutely fantastic on every level. A consummate professional, Mark is passionate about Real Estate, extremely knowledgable and attentive to details both big and small. As a seller, I felt I was in trustworthy hands through every step of the transaction. I also felt like Mark had a smart and thorough strategy, which resulted in selling the home within a week for over asking price to a buyer who genuinely loves the property. I am now a Mark Mintz fan for life and look forward to working with him on every Real Estate transaction from here on out.
  • David S.

    I have to agree with the other comments posted here as they mirror our experience exactly. I mean, you know he has other clients but he's always right there like you're the only one. Incredibly forthright and patient - ready with answers whenever we asked. We never felt rushed into anything but whenever we finally made a decision he was right there with the paperwork and ready to advise on the next step. Mark was always a calming influence in what can obviously be a very stressful process. Normally I like to avoid cliches but honestly, with Mark as your agent you have a real friend in your corner.
  • Chantel A.

    Mark is the most exceptionally attentive, detail oriented, kind, focused agent, and helped us find the perfect apartment. At times the process was frustrating, disappointing and seemed never ending. But we finally found the perfect apartment for the two of us (and two cats) after 7 months of searching. Mark kept in constant contact with us, responded quickly to all questions, and was prompt to all of our meetings and viewings of the units. I will recommend Mark and Eastside Digs to any friend or co worker looking to purchase a house or condo.
  • Miss W.

    Mark not only walked us through buying our first home, he guided us through a SEVEN MONTH short sale. I'm pretty sure we contacted him every single day for 7 months, and he was unfailingly helpful and reassuring. Pleasantness aside, Mark knows his stuff, and skillfully navigated several tricky situations. We are very grateful, and highly recommend him. p.s. he ALSO won Ultimate Moustache in Los Angeles 2012 at the Movember gala where he led a team to raise a hefty chunk of money towards men's health. Savvy AND fun!
  • June C.

    Mark is a wonderful realtor. He sold our home in record time with a brilliant marketing plan, professional photographs, and inspiring prose in the description. He was available to show the house whenever necessary, (we didn't want a lock box), and always kept us notified during the process. Mark's escrow affiliate, Jennifer, is the best! She was always available to answer questions during the escrow, and is cheerful and professional. Mark exceeded our expectations in selling our house.
  • Patrick L.

    Working with Mark was a wonderful experience for both me and my wife. He was attentive and compassionate at every step as we needed to sell a home I had become very fond of to allow for more space for our growing family. He helped us find the perfect house and helped me sell mine. He know's real estate inside and out. We can't recommend him highly enough. He's trustworthy, honest, patient and extremely hard working. 10 out of 10!
  • Russell G.

    My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Mark on our first home purchase. He was extremely helpful, attentive, and patient during the stressful process, and without him it would have been anything but ideal. He streamlined things that would have taken much longer than desired, and used the benefits of his many friendships to help us get the home we fell in love with. I highly recommend Mark to anybody looking to buy/sell/rent/what have you.
  • Michael P.

    We were so happy to have been introduced to Mark in the selling of our house. What had been a negative experience previously was a pure pleasure this time around. Mark took care of everything. We also had tenants in the home when the house went on the market and they also give rave reviews regarding Mark's tact, and demeanor throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Mark to anyone either listing or buying a home.
  • Todd Z.

    Mark was very thorough and patient during our 8 month house hunting search in a very competitive market (Downtown LA). After looking at 10+ places, he was there at every step from pulling comps, submitting a bid, helping us get the best mortgage deal, and finalizing paperwork to close escrow on time. I would absolutely recommend him as your buying agent if you are looking for a home in LA.
  • Laura D.

    Sorry, I feel like this is long over due... thank you so much for helping us buy our property last year. I know I am one those special people who asks a lot of questions and makes a lot demands. I appreciate you dealing with me and very politely and efficiently. You answered all my calls so promptly and I am sure you were busy. I would recommend you anytime!
  • B A.

    I was a first time home buyer and had a phenomenal experience with Mark. We met randomly at an open house and even though we didn't know each other previously, Mark's service was fantastic and I felt he truly represented by best interests during the transaction. He provided insightful and honest feedback and guidance and was highly responsive. A great experience overall and highly recommended.
  • Ajani N.

    Mark is a wonderful person to work with. He takes time to understand what you are looking for and helps you with process. He is very patient, does not let you make you hasty decisions and negotiated on behalf of our interests. I recommended him to our friends already. He is the BEST.
  • Jessica H.

    My husband and I really enjoyed working with Mark! He was such a great help with the purchase of our first home! We really appreciated his calm, funny, relaxed demeanor as buying a house can quickly lend itself to being a stressful process. Working with Mark was the best part!
  • Wyndham C.

    Mark is a consummate professional. Over the course of several weeks Mark worked with me to market my home and advised me on both the current market and value and what he thought the house would bring. The neighbor commented "It's never going to sell for that." Well, it did.
  • The Prof S.

    Mark was amazing. We were buying our first house, and he patiently took us through the process step by step. He was always available whenever we had a question, and helped us find our dream home (with a pool). Could not recommend him highly enough.
  • Sarah S.

    Mark made our first home buying adventure so painless! He always was there to answer any of our questions, guide us in the right direction and give first rate advice. I not only now have a great realtor but, a new friend!!!! THANKS MARK!!!!!!!
  • Khush C.

    Mark was a true professional and always followed through with what he promised. He communicated just the right amount to keep me in the loop and took care of everything. His strategy got us above asking price and sold the home quickly.
  • Steve E.

    Site unseen Mark responded right away - gave me options to do my own searches for properties and responded right away to all of my inquiries. He's great in that he acts like you're the only client on his books! Thanks Mark!
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